Current Spring Favorites


Pearl Jean Jacket

This pearl jean jacket has been my go-to piece for the milder weather! It looks cute thrown over dresses/rompers or with just leggings and a t-shirt. I love the denim jacket trend and the pearl detail on this one add a feminine and unique touch to the look. I found it at Forever 21 about a month ago (now sold out!) but found similar ones here and here.

White Loafers

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t been to sure about the slip on loafer trend. Half of me felt like my grandma buying these, but at $22 from Target, I figured, why not? And gosh I am glad I bought them! I find myself reaching for these so much more than I thought! The white is perfect for spring and summer and they are so comfortable. They are such good quality and look way more expensive than $22! I highly recommend these you really cannot lose! Also I wanted to mention to go up 1/2 size to a full size on these pair specifically. I am normally a 6 1/2-7 and I purchased a 7 1/2 in these.

This Necklace by Miranda Frye

I wear this crystal stone necklace every. single. day. I love the dainty chain and how I can wear it alone or layered with other necklaces as well. My favorite to layer with is this Y-shaped layered necklace and this simple chain necklace.  All of Miranda Frye’s jewelry is so well made and gorgeous! I love this

Similar Romper to the one I’m wearing in the photo above (on sale!) and another one here


Cover FX Highlighting Palette

I’ve had this highlighting palette for a few months now and it my absolute go to! There are 6 shades in the palette, my favorites are Gilded, Golden Peach and Prism. I use this palette every single day on the high points of my face. It is such a great price for 6 shades and the quality is amazing! I highly recommend snagging this before it sells out! Click here to purchase.

Tarte Makeup Sponge

    In the past I have used countless different makeup sponges including Beauty Blender and Real Techniques, but one day at Ulta I saw the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge and decided to try it out! I am so glad that I did! I find it much bouncier than other sponges and I prefer the shape with a flat top much more than beauty blender teardrop shape (plus its a little cheaper!) I could not physically do my makeup without this sponge! You NEED this.


Matcha Latte

Being a nurse and a new grad, I can’t live without my morning coffee. But, whenever I go to Starbucks in the afternoon I am obsessed with ordering an Iced Green Tea Latte (I always get soy or coconut milk) and they are amazing! However, at $6 for a venti this addiction of mine started to get pretty pricey, so I decided to try an make my own at home, and I finally got down the perfect recipe to share with all of you! The first thing you need is matcha powder. I buy mine at Trader Joe’s but you can find it at most health food grocery stores. I pour a large glass of Trader Joe’s Vanilla Coconut Milk into my Magic Bullet Blender Cup and then add a large splash of almond milk creamer. Then, I put 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder (this measurement is super specific because too much matcha can make the drink really strong and powdery tasting!) Then I add a tiny bit of Agave Nectar and blend! I pour it over ice and it is the yummiest little treat (although I still can’t resist ordering them out from time to time).

Lavender Flavored Things

This favorite is very random but so true! Lately I have been seeing Lavender infused or flavored drinks and foods everywhere and I am obsessed with it. As weird as it might sound it is so so good. One of my favorites I have tried is a lavender rosemary cocktail from a sushi restaurant here in Nashville called Nama. They do two for one drinks a few times a week and their sushi is amazing! I also went to Jeni’s Ice Cream in 12 South last week and tried their Lavender ice cream and it was so yummy! They described the flavor as tasting like sweet kid’s cereal milk and as weird as that sounds, it totally does in the best way! If you haven’t tried this new food trend you definitely should, even though it does sound a little weird!


Current Workout Favorite- Class Pass

I love going to workout classes like yoga and barre, and in college it was so easy to go to the free classes on campus but post-grad it can be expensive! Class Pass is an app where you pay for a certain number of classes per month and then you get access to a ton of different studios in your area. In Nashville it gives you access to studios like Pure Barre, Barre3, CycleBar, and so many more. It is currently only available in select cities, but if it is in yours I encourage you to try it if you’re trying to mix up your workout routine. I have been loving trying new studios and it can help you meet people if you’re in a new city too!

Current Favorite Song- Taylor Swift’s Cover of September

I am the first to admit with no shame that I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and her new cover of the Song September is so good & catchy! It reminds me of her old music and I am loving it. Check it out on Spotify.

Hope you liked this post and checked out some of my favorites!



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