Finding Joy in the Little Things

As I am getting older and my life has a more stable routine — a long term job, an apartment, a life partner, etc. there aren’t as many “big events” guiding my life to look forward to like there were in high school and college. Sure, there are Holidays, weekend getaways and vacations (and my wedding coming up, of course) but I am lately becoming more aware of the fact that life doesn’t happen in those big grand moments that happen every few months; Life happens all around us in our day to day life. It is the small everyday moments that make up our life, and I am making a mindful effort to start noticing and appreciating those moments more. Here is a list of little moments in my life that I am grateful for and make me happy:

  1. A hot cup of coffee on a rainy day
  2. Hearing a favorite song on the long car ride home from work
  3. The look on my cat’s face when I walk in the door after being gone all day
  4. When my jeans fit perfectly (its the little things people)
  5. Seeing a view that takes my breath away
  6. The days when everything seems to be go wrong and part of you wants to cry but laugh instead because you realize how hilarious the situation actually is
  7. When my best friend and I finish each others sentences
  8. When a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile calls me just to say hi and catch up
  9. When a stranger gives me a compliment
  10. A parking spot right. out. front. (this is very rare but makes for a fab day)
  11. The last cookie in the break room
  12. Thank you’s from my patients and their families
  13. Unexpected I love yous.
  14. A good hair day
  15. A period without a breakout!!!
  16. A plate of a home-cooked food waiting on the table for me when I get home
  17. Happening to catch the sunrise on my commute
  18. Fresh sheets + Shaved legs
  19. When I finally get a free day to myself with nothing to stress about & nowhere to be
  20. A bubble bath
  21. The perfect coffee:creamer ratio
  22. A perfectly clear blue sky
  23. Coming home to packages on the front porch from all my late-night online shopping
  24. No commercials (bless you, Netflix)
  25. Laughing so hard that I feel like I can’t breathe
  26. When a server messes up and actually puts something “on the house” (& basically anything related to free food)
  27. When you see a quote/bible verse or even a story or caption that totally relates to how you feel on that day or in that moment
  28. Warm clothes right out of the dryer
  29. A hot shower after a long day
  30. A glass of chardonnay and a fuzzy blanket after a long day
  31. Long phone calls & Facetimes with friends that live far away
  32. Falling asleep right when my head hits the pillow
  33. Waking up before my alarm and actually feeling rested
  34. Fuzzy socks
  35. My favorite dish from my favorite restaurant
  36. Bringing such a good lunch to work that I think about and look forward to all day
  37. Wearing my fiancé’s sweatshirts
  38. Playing with my younger sisters and listening to them laugh
  39. Giving someone a gift that they love
  40. When I’m having so much fun I forget to check my phone
  41. The last 5 minutes of a yoga class- child’s pose and a quiet mind
  42. A quick road-trip with yummy snacks and good music (& no traffic)
  43. Making plans for the future with someone
  44. Being in a moment and realizing it is a moment you will look back on one day and reminisce about how amazing it was
  45. Falling asleep to the sound of rain
  46. Buffalo. Chicken. Dip. So. Thankful.
  47. Taking off a full face of makeup (best feeling everrr)
  48. Laughing so hard about something that you think about it hours, days or weeks later and can’t help bursting out into laughter
  49. Movie nights in bed with my fiancé (and popcorn)
  50. Having a moment of clarity and realizing how beautiful this messy world really is.

I hope that this helped brighten some of your days, or at least made you realize a few little things of your own you are thankful for in your everyday life. If you’re going through a rough patch (or even if you aren’t!) I encourage you to start your day by thinking of a few things you are thankful for, and reminding yourself of those things throughout the day when something doesn’t go as planned, this is something I’m trying to do more ! I’ve realized it is more difficult to stay in a bad mood or have a bad day when you start thinking about all of the blessings in your everyday life:)

Thanks for reading loves!


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