Bachelorette Trip: Miami and West Palm Beach

I have been DYING to write this post because it was honestly was one of the best weeks of my entire life. If you have never been to Miami Beach and you or your friend is getting married soon, I could not recommend a better place for a bachelorette party (or even a girls week in general!) than Miami Beach. I cannot thank my amazing friends and bridesmaids enough for making this week so amazing! In this post I’m going to cover where we stayed, where we ate, went out, tips and tricks and I am linking all of my outfits at the bottom so stay tuned!

We flew into Miami on Saturday morning because a lot of girls had to work Friday (but if you can get Friday off more power to you!) There was seven of us total including me, I found this to be the perfect number especially when trying to get into clubs, eating all together at a restaurant and for sleeping arrangements, it still felt like a big fun group but not HUGE.

Part 1: Miami Beach

We stayed in the Shelborne South Beach and have nothing but good things to say about it. We originally booked 2 suites with 2 double beds in each, but we ended up being upgraded to a Townhouse for one of the rooms which had 2 bedrooms (1 master), 3 bathrooms, 3 balconies and an entertaining area. I am so thankful we were upgraded because this gave us all much more room to get ready, dance, make drinks, etc.

After we checked into our hotel we went straight to the beach! Chairs, umbrellas, and a few cocktails were included in our stay which was so nice. We soaked up the much needed sun for a few hours and then went up and got ready for dinner.

We made reservations at Juvia, a rooftop restaurant with an unbelievable view, the coolest vibe and amazing food and cocktails. Our favorite app was the spicy tuna crispy rice and we also loved the truffle mashed potatoes. Definitely a splurge meal, but it was 100% worth it!

That night was our big night out. We had been in contact with a promoter about access to a table at the club Mr. Jones (this is a must-do in order to have a guaranteed entry to a club and have complimentary alcohol). Mr. Jones was absolutely incredible. The atmosphere and crowd were great and the music was amazing! The night we went happened to be Daylight savings, so we lost an hour and ended up staying until around 5 am. Another great club to go to for your “big night out” would be LIV Miami!

Ps- These shoes were so comfortable and the absolute CUTEST for a bachelorette in Miami! My favorite thing I wore on the trip.
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Day 2: The morning after around 10am we got up and grabbed a quick breakfast at the cafe in our hotel, then it was time to get ready for SLS! SLS Sundays Pool Party is infamous in Miami and is essentially a giant pool party at the hotel SLS South Beach which was just a block away from out hotel. This is another circumstance where having a promotor is extremely beneficial. We all wore matching swimsuits from ModThread and the girls got me the cutest veil! I was obsessed and pretty much wore it around the rest of the week.

SLS was probably my favorite part of the trip if I had to choose one! The energy in the pool with the music was so fun and I can’t wait to go back.

After SLS we went back to the hotel and grabbed a much needed nap. Then we walked to a casual dinner that night at a yummy Mexican place called the Naked Taco. They had amazing queso, tacos and drinks! Also fun outdoor seating.

*Side note- there’s also a tattoo shop across the street from the restaurant if you want to get a spontaneous tattoo or piercing, just beware alcohol makes lip tattoos fade, we learned this the hard way lol.


We went back to the hotel after dinner and weren’t planning on going out until later that night, so I was hanging out in bed a little confused why all the other girls were getting ready so early. I decided to at least touch up my makeup and throw on my dress when we heard a banging on our hotel room door. I went down to open it and YEP! My girls hired a personal stripper that was now in our hotel room. I was mortified but it actually ended up being hilarious and really fun and not too awkward at all! (I’m not sure if it would be the same if we didn’t have such a great guy, so choose carefully and make sure its a reliable company!) Seriously one of the most fun parts of the trip and something I don’t think any of us will ever forget haha. Also he played really good music and let us instagram live stream the whole thing so theres that! Considered positing photos of this but I seriously think it would get flagged for nudity lol.

Later that night me and a few of the girls went to a club called Nikki Beach! It was pretty fun but we were all exhausted and didn’t stay too long. We went back to the hotel and had a couple drinks on the beach before going to bed, the next morning we checked out and went off to West Palm Beach aka Part 2!

Part 2: West Palm Beach

Monday morning 2 girls hopped on a plane home because they had to work, and the other 5 of us took an Uber to West Palm Beach (only about an hour away) and checked into our Airbnb. This Airbnb (especially for the price) was amazing! It had 2 bedrooms (3 beds) and a sleeper sofa, along with a finished pool house with a daybed (check out my insta “bach” highlight for a tour) A private pool, and did I mention the pool house opened up on 3 sides and had a bar? It was perfect and we all joked we wanted to live there. We spent the day relaxing and drinking cocktails by the pool. Later that night we headed to U-tiki, a fun tiki bar on a marina with awesome sushi and food. We had dinner and a few drinks there and then headed to a bar called the Square Grouper where we danced to live music and had a few more drinks.

The next morning we had acai bowls delivered and spent the whole day hanging out at the pool and playing fun bachelorette games! (check out Pinterest and etsy for ideas, there are so many!)

Click here to pin the junk on Ryan Gosling

For dinner we went to a delicious Italian restaurant called Grato that was walking distance from our Airbnb. The lobster tortellini was my order and it was sooo yummy!

We went back to the Airbnb to have a chill night talking, drinking wine and playing more bachelorette games!

The next morning we all headed off to the airport and went home! It was the trip of a lifetime and one I will never forget!!

Here are a couple tips I have for the bride/bachelorette on her bachelorette night/weekend:

  1. Plan outfits in advance!
  2. Have no expectations for the trip, your girls are planning it so you probably won’t know exactly what to expect but just enjoy every moment! I went in without any idea or expectations of what we were doing and it exceeded anything I could’ve imagined!
  3. Buy a lot of bottled water and EmergenC.
  4. Say yes to everything! (well almost everything lol) Your friends have planned a fun weekend for you so dance on the table, dance with the stripper ! You only get this trip once in your life!!
  5. Take in every moment. It will be over before you know it.

Here are couple tips for the girls planning the trip:

  1. Make the bride feel special, buy her a veil or a sash! Try and make the whole trip stress free for her. Also buy penis straws because they’re fun.
  2. Book everything in advance. Having a plan and itinerary made everything run so smoothly for us.
  3. Understand not everything will go perfectly and that okay! She’s still going to have an amazing time.
  4. Tell everyone she’s a bride. It doesn’t get old and it will get you all free things.
  5. Know that she loves you and is SO thankful and will never forget this time!!!

To see more behind the scenes of our trip check out the “Bach” highlight on my instagram!

Here are links to all my outfits I wore on my trip (even some that I didn’t get photos in!)


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