Our Wedding Day: Part 2

Part 2 of our wedding day!

In this post I will cover our wedding reception ! I talked about the ceremony and getting ready in my last post that you can read here. The link to the full wedding album is linked at the end of this post! (over 1400 photos!)

After the ceremony and cocktail hour photo time, we went inside the mansion to get ready for our entrance into the reception. My wedding planners, and bridesmaids (and Mitch actually) bustled the train of my dress so I could dance without tripping on it! Bustling the dress was actually pretty complicated and time consuming but it made it SO much easier to walk around!

One of the most special moments of our wedding day to me was making our entrance! It was such an amazing moment being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Best and walk down the stairs into our tented reception together as husband and wife while our friends and family cheered! Mitch chose our entrance song so of course it had to be the Chorus of “Super Bass” by Nikki Minaj.

Once we made our entrance into the reception we went straight into our first dance. We hadn’t taken any dance classes but we did “fake practice” a few times barefoot in our kitchen lol. It turned out surprisingly much better than our kitchen dancing was! Our first dance song was “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. I heard the song for the first when his Divide Album first came out and immediately knew that would have to be Mitch and I’s wedding song (we weren’t even engaged at this point!). We both agreed that it ended up being the absolute perfect song for us.

After our first dance we joined our wedding party at the head table and were served dinner while our guests were dismissed by table to head into the mansion the fill their plates!

I wish I took more photos of the food but I just didn’t think about it in the moment!!! It was delicious. We had a strawberry salad, dinner rolls, broccolini, roasted herb chicken, beef bourguignon and fingerling potatoes. We also had appetizers passed at cocktail hour including bacon wrapped scallops, peach goat cheese bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms. We decided to do a buffet for a few reasons– it saves money (less staff having to serve you), more options available, you can go back for more, and it saves time! A seated dinner would’ve taken significantly longer and we really wanted to spend most of the night dancing.

While we were eating dinner speeches began. The best man Jake, Mitch’s lifelong best friend (and mine! I’ve known him longer than I have known Mitch) went first, followed by my sister, Samantha (the maid of honor) and my dad. I was particularly nervous for my dad’s speech because he had mentioned to me the day before that it was “rather lengthy” and it was! but it was the most amazing speech I have ever heard. I realize I am a little biased, but it was truly incredible. He titled it “The Love Story of Chase and Mitchell Through a Father’s Eyes” if that gives you any insight as to how amazing it was!

Following dinner Mitch and I cute our cake, and toasted! I love the way our cake turned out. It was alternating tiers of vanilla cake and lemon cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream. I can’t tell you how excited I am to eat the frozen top tier on our one year anniversary because thats how good it was! So many of our friends either said that they A- didn’t have any cake because they were too busy drinking or dancing, or B- had seven slices of cake haha.

After cutting the cake we had our Father Daughter/Mother Son dance! My dad and I started on the dance floor and Mitch and his mom joined in. It was such a sweet moment! We danced to the song “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth (per the request of my Dad!)

Then the dance floor was in full swing!!! We had a live band which made for SUCH a fun night ! Everyone was out on the dance floor all night having a blast. We hand selected all the songs that the band would play and the order to make sure it was all songs we knew and loved.

About an hour into dancing we had the garter toss! It was so funny probably one of my favorite memories ! (there are videos of most of these things up on my Wedding highlight on my instagram if you want an inside look!) Mitch and his friends all danced on me and remixed the song “Hot in Here” into “Old Town Road” and Mitch came out of the crowd of his friends wearing a cowboy hat and bolo tie before dancing off my garter.

After more dancing, drinking and photo boothing(?) It was time for the bouquet toss!! They played the song “Where Them Girls At” By David Guetta and all the single ladies crowded around to try and catch my bouquet!

10pm on our Wedding night came faster than I ever thought it would, the day came and went so much faster than I ever thought it would. My wedding planner gathered everyone outside and Mitch and I made our way to our getaway car through a sea of sparklers. It was truly such a magical night.

We stayed in a suite at The Fairlane Hotel downtown Nashville and spent the rest of the night in our fluffy hotel robes eating wedding cake, and chocolate chip cookies (our wedding favors!) drinking complimentary champagne and watching people’s snapchat stories and blissfully chatting about what a fairytale the whole day was! The next morning we were off to the honeymoon! (in a blog post coming soon)

Click here to see our full wedding album!


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